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5 Tips on How to Sell at Live Events

When it comes to sales in our fast-paced world, we can easily become consumed by the pitch, the close, and the numbers. But very rarely do we stop to think about the most important part of the sale: the human connection.

With so much of our lives moving online, it's easy to forget that selling is still a very human activity. And there's no better way to build a human connection than by selling face-to-face.

Selling face-to-face allows you to build a relationship with your customer and earn their trust. It also gives you the opportunity to educate them about your product/service and address any questions all right there on the spot.

So how do you make the most out of the minutes you have with each customer? We have a few suggestions!

  1. Creating a Human Connection: When you sell face-to-face, you're creating a human connection with your potential customer. This is the first step in building rapport and earning their trust. By taking a few moments to introduce yourself, share your story behind the business or product, and ask how they are enjoying the event you will leave a lasting impression. 
  2. Show them the goods: One of the best things about selling face-to-face is that you have the opportunity to educate your potential customer about your product or service. This is especially important if you selling something your products predominantly online. Why? It gives people the chance to engage their senses and invest in the product. The texture, fabric, colour, viscosity, scent, solidity, quality, or compactness are all aspects of a purchase that your potential customers are interested in understanding. This is your opportunity to highlight your product and show its value!
  3. Understand the bigger picture:When you're able to speak with your potential customers in person, you can get a better understanding of their needs and how your product or service can meet those needs. Every entrepreneur understands the value of solving the pain point. In fact, this is essential for making a sale. This face-to-face method not only allows your customers to feel heard but you can also use this information as market research for your business.
  4. Make an Impression: If you're selling a product that is complicated or difficult to use, selling face-to-face gives you the chance to show the customer how it works before they make a purchase. This can be a major selling point.  One study mentioned that as much as 65% of all people are visual learners*, so don’t be afraid to be playful, entertaining or interactive. That effort can give you precious minutes with an attendee to really make an impression.
  5. Train the team: Remember that a highly engaged team will foster happy customers, this increases sales even after the trade show! When people see the passion and excitement it sparks curiosity in your customers. 

They will want to learn more and even if they don’t buy at that moment, they’ll remember you, they’ll follow your social media accounts, and invest in your journey.

Selling face-to-face is one of the best ways to build rapport with potential customers and earn their trust. If you're able to successfully do this, you'll be well on your way to making a sale—and keeping that customer for life!

Happy Selling!