· By Vendor Bridge

5 Ways to Increase Sales at Live Events

Have you ever packed up at the end of an event and wondered if there was anything you could have done differently to sell more products?
​Well, after attending hundreds of events and ​watching thousands of vendors​ sell from their booths​, I have compiled a list of the top 5​ creative​ ways vendors can increase their sales at live events:
  1. Determine what attracts​​ customers to your booth: Keep track of the first product customers see or touch when entering your booth. This will help you identify what typically attracts customers to your booth. Additionally, you can ask customers directly what drew them in. Even if they don't make a purchase, their feedback can still be valuable.
  2. Utilize QR codes for increased traffic: QR codes are an undervalued tool for generating free traffic to your website. Create a webpage that allows users to enter a drawing to win something and display a large QR code at your booth. Even people who are walking by can scan the code, enter their email, and join the contest. You can then follow up with an offer or discount code. Need help creating a webpage? We can build one for you. Click here for information and use code WEBSITE20 for a 20% discount.
  3. Focus on social media: At events, there is a prime opportunity to collaborate with other businesses by creating "feature for feature" content. Speak with your neighbors, organizers, and shoppers to grow your social media following while at the event.
  4. Utilize upselling at checkout: Upselling can be an effective way to increase sales. If you stand behind your products and know that customers will enjoy them, then consider upselling. For example, a vendor may offer a stick of lip balm to a customer purchasing another item, which can prove to be a thoughtful upsell.
  5. Offer customization and personalization: Customers love personalized products and services. Offering customization or personalization options for your products can make them more appealing and unique. This can also help you to upsell and increase your sales.​ ​
  6. Bonus tip: Ask why customers didn't make a purchase: While it may be uncomfortable, asking customers why they didn't buy can provide valuable feedback on your products, business, or staff. Make it clear that honest feedback is appreciated.
In conclusion, implementing these five strategies can help ​you​ increase ​your sales and make the most out of ​your​ presence at live events. By understanding what attracts customers to​ ​booths, utilizing QR codes, leveraging social media, upselling at checkout, and offering customization options, vendors can create a unique shopping experience that will leave customers satisfied and increase the likelihood of repeat business. 
​Happy Selling!​