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Our business operates a comprehensive event calendar for local listings. We gather information from various sources on the web and compile them in one convenient location, making it easy for users to find and stay informed about upcoming events in their area.
Sign up and create a profile, purchase a memebrship, and start finding all the best events.

Once you have a membership, you can view all events on our online calendar or sync them to your personal calendar. Our online calendar offers multiple viewing options such as calendar, list, and tile views.

Additionally, you can use our search or filter functions to easily find events that align with your interests or business. This allows for a convenient and personalized event browsing experience.

The events are posted on the Vendor Bridge calendar and we allow the ability for Google, Microsoft, Apple, etc. to enter our calendar and take the data to populate their own users' calendars.

We have three memberships available.

Calendar Memberships
The annual membership is priced at $60/year ($5/month).
The monthly membership is priced at $10/month.

Business Listing Membership:
The annual membership is priced at $144/year ($12/month).
The monthly membership is priced at $15/month.

Calendar + Listing Membership:
The annual membership is priced at $180/year ($15/month).
The monthly membership is priced at $25/month.

With our flexible membership plans, you can choose the option that best aligns with your business goals, whether you prefer to grow your business online or through in-person events. Rest assured that whichever plan you select, you'll be making a smart investment in your business's growth and success.

All prices are CAD.

Vendor Bridge takes the security of our customers' information very seriously. That's why we have partnered with leading providers in the industry to ensure that our website is secure and protected. We use the latest encryption technologies, firewalls, and other measures to safeguard our customers' personal data. You can trust that your information is safe when you use our website.

Your data and information will never be sold.

To cancel your membership, simply log into your account dashboard, navigate to the "Memberships" section, look under the "Status" tab, and select "Cancel." Please provide a reason for cancelling, and submit the request.

Although it may be difficult for us to see you go, we truly appreciate your past support and would be grateful if you consider re-joining us in the future.

The Display is owned and operated in Calgary, Alberta, Canada by Keaton McLean and Sydney Wagner. View the LinkedIn profile of Keaton McLean.

We want to ensure the safety and security of our users. While we make every effort to verify the authenticity of events listed on our platform, we cannot be held liable for any fraudulent or scam events. To learn more about how to protect yourself and your business against such events, we encourage you to visit our blog for informative resources and tips.

At Vendor Bridge, our aim is to make our platform accessible to all business owners, regardless of the size of their enterprise. We understand that the cost of membership may be a concern for some, which is why we offer reduced fees for those in need.

If you're a young entrepreneur under 16 years old, or if you feel that the pricing is too high for your business, please reach out to us. We're here to support you and ensure that you have access to all the tools and resources you need to succeed. Contact Us

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